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    Yangzhou city Jiangdu District Haichen Chemical Co., Ltd. (former jiangdu plastic solvent No.1 factory) Founded in 1970, is located in the eastern outskirts of the ancient city of Yangzhou, Jiangdu territory, geographical conditions, convenient transportation. The factory is the backbone of the chemical industry in Yangzhou City enterprises, the main production of dichlorobenzene, o-dichlorobenzene, chlorinated benzene, 1,2,4 - trichlorobenzene and other products.

    Our strong technical force, advanced production technology, production equipment and testing equipment, using the international advanced technology and improve the quality guarantee system. Products are sold throughout the country and exported to India...

    Contact: Mr. Hang Cheng
    Tel: +86-514-86371145
    Cellphone: +86-13852725268
    Fax: +86-514-86374923
    E-mail: sales@haichenchem.com , jdhchg@163.com
    URL: www.sdsgzf.com , www.xiongdu.com
    Add: Renmin Rd 3#, huicun, Dinggou town, Jiangdu District, Yangzhou city.
    P.C.: 225236

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